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The Sheriff's Sale is conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at the Denton County Courts Building, 1450 East McKinney Street, in the City of Denton, Texas, at 10:00 AM.  Denton County will sell said below described Real Estate at public venue to the highest bidder. All property going to the sheriff sale is published in the classified section of the Record Chronicle.

For further information please e-mail Matt Arnold

Sheriff's Sale for the Month of May 2019

  1. Order of Sale: 18-2649-211
    A1420 FM Woodward, TR5, 58.92 Acres, old DCAD
    A1397A J. White, TR 3, 1.808 Acres, Old DCAD TR 4
    Account No: 73881DEN/97399DEN
    Opening Bid: $510,981.90
  2. Resolution 17-4501-367
    Denton County-v-Kesee
    .153 Acre out of Abstract 29 of the R. Bebee Survey, Tract 182, Old DCAD Tract 55,
    Sheet 4, City of Sanger, Denton County, Texas
    Account No: 60078DEN
    Opening Bid: $12,290.43
  3. Resolution 17-1226-431
    Denton County-v-Catalyst Housing Group
    1.123 Acres NKA Lot 11, Block 2, Stony Hills Addition, Phase 2, Denton County, Texas
    Account No: 235447DEN
    Opening Bid: $17,860.74

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