Emergency Services / Fire Marshal

Fire Safety Lesson Plans for Fire Service Personnel

The lesson plans below were developed, written, and donated by Captain Peggy Harrell of the Plano Fire-Rescue Community Outreach Program Plano, Texas; and Jamie Perkins, Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Program, Texas State Fire Marshal's Office Austin, Texas. Jamie and Peggy, who were professional educators before they came to the fire service, put considerable effort into developing a comprehensive and coherent educational program with these outlines. Each outline is less than two pages, provides objectives, a lesson plan, and notes about characteristics of the age group that is being addressed by the lesson plan. These lesson plans have proven to be very handy, succinct, and effective tools. It is with great appreciation for the good work and generosity of Ms. Jamie Perkins and Captain Peggy Harrell that the Denton County Fire Marshal’s Office makes these lesson plans available for the use of any fire service personnel that need to give a fire safety presentation to a group in their community.

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