Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Application Instructions

1. On your Smartphone go to the appstore and install the free app “Collector for ArcGIS"

2. Once installed find the app and open it.

3. Log in with the log in name and password that Marc Dodd emailed out. Once logged in the application should go to this screen.

4. Click on the map picture to open the county WUI editing map.

Here is a diagram of what the different parts of the app.


1. Click on the GIS Zone you want to edit (touch it with your finger) it will outline it in light blue and across the bottom of your map there will be a new toolbar.

2. Click the far right side to open a menu that you can pick edit from.

3. Click edit.

4. Then start entering data about the GIS Zone. To do this click on the far right side (the little greater than sign “>” ) by the item you want to record information about.

5. Once you complete scoring a zone add up the score and fill in the WUI TOTAL. If the score is greater than 60 continue on with the following questions in the app. AND remember to take and attach pictures to support your answers.

6. Lastly to Save your edits CLICK the update at the top right of your screen.