Child Support Information

Almost all of the child support that is ordered by the Denton County District Courts is now directed to be paid through the State Disbursement Unit in San Antonio "SDU" for accounting and disbursement. Any questions regarding receipt, disbursement, address changes, etc… should be directed to the SDU. The address and phone for the SDU is:

Texas Child Support SDU
P.O. Box 659791
San Antonio, TX 78265
1 (800) 252-8014

Exceptions are those cases that the order for child support is dated before January 1, 1994. The majority of the older cases still require child support to be sent to the Denton County District Clerk.

For those cases where payments are still required to be sent to the District Clerk our goal is to have all payments posted and distributed the same day that they are received by the District Clerk. Most of the time we are able to do so, however, there are days when the number of payments exceed our time and ability to handle all of the payments that are received in one day. This normally occurs around the 1st and the 15th of each month and on the days after County offices have been closed for a holiday. Payments that do not get processed the same day that they are received will be posted and distributed the next working day.

The Denton County Child Support office is NOT an enforcement office. If you are not being paid the support that is owed to you, then you must contact either a private attorney or the Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Enforcement Division for enforcement of your support order.

The satellite office for the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Attorney General’s Office that is responsible for Denton County is located in Denton, Texas. Their contact information is:

Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division
1808 Cornell Lane
Denton, TX 76201-1794 
1 (800) 252-8014 automated payment and case information or information about applying for services
1 (866) 255-2006 Acknowledgement of Paternity questions

For general support program questions only, you may email

NOTICE: This email address is NOT meant for the delivery of legal documents or notices to the Child Support Division. Electronic filing email notice to the Child Support Division regarding a particular case must be sent in accordance with Rule 21a, Texas Rule of Civil Procedure, to the appropriate local office's mailing or email address as noted in the court's file.

All Payments are Mailed to the Recipient. They may not be picked up in person. 

Payment Information

Any payments that are ordered through the Denton County Support Office may be hand-delivered, mailed or dropped in the Payment Drop Box. The address for hand-delivery is 1450 E. McKinney, Suite 1200, Denton TX 76209-4524 and for mailing is P.O. Box 2146, Denton TX 76202. Information regarding the Payment Drop Box may be found below.

For proper posting all payments made through the Denton County Child Support Office shall include the name of the payer, payee and the child support account number. The child support account number is the same number as the Cause Number on your order for support.

The child support office accepts calls between the hours of :

8:00 AM. and 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday
Phone number: (940) 349-2220 (Metro) or (972) 434-8840 (Metro).

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Payee/Payor Information Sheet

The information sheet form may be obtained by contacting the District Clerk's office.

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Name and Address Changes

The information sheet form may be obtained by contacting the District Clerk's office or by printing the form off this website (Under “Forms”), complete the information and either mailing or faxing it to this office. The fax number is (940) 349-2201.

Name and address changes will only be accepted from the person whose name or address is being changed. They must be in writing and either hand-delivered, mailed or faxed to the Child Support Office.

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Payment Drop Box

There is a Payment Drop Box located in the northeast parking lot of the Denton County Courts Building. Payment envelopes are available at the drop box and must be completed for proper posting.

Types of payments that may be made at the Payment Drop Box include:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Medical/Insurance Support
  • Misdemeanor fines and court costs
  • Felony fines and court costs
  • Hot check fee and payments

Please be sure to include your name, account number and type of payment on the deposit envelope.

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