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Foreclosure Sale Property Search

Notice of Sale Posting Search: You can research for free the foreclosure listings on this site: https://dentontx.uslandrecords.com/Denton/Foreclosures.aspx. This availability is offered as a convenience to the public and is not required by law. The website simulates in-person viewing.


The foreclosure listing file is a single large file that you may download for free. After a trustee files the Notice of Sale, the clerk's office does not in any way maintain the list other than add to it.

***Warning- The file may be large and take time to download***


These documents are neither county clerk records nor permanent records. Each month's file is destroyed the day after the sale. For these reasons, the postings are neither indexed nor searchable at this time. The clerk's office apologizes for any inconvenience you may experience.

All postings are also available for in-person public viewing at the Denton County Courts Building.


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