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curve 1450 E. McKinney St., Denton, TX 76209-4524 * Phone (940)349-2120 * Fax (940)349-2121 Map  
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Denton County, Texas - County Court at Law #2

County Court at Law #2


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County Court at Law No. 2 Jurisdictional limits.

Civil cases in which the matter in controversy exceeds $ 500 but does not exceed $ 200,000, excluding interest, statutory or punitive damages and penalties, and attorney's fees and costs, as alleged on the face of the petition.

The Honorable Robert Ramirez, County Court at Law #2



     Building: Denton County Courts Building
     Address: 1450 E. McKinney St., Suite 4325 (4th Floor)
Denton, TX  76209-4524
     Phone: (940) 349-2120 (Metro)
(972) 434-8851 (Metro)
     Fax (940) 349-2121 (Metro)

Cassy Miller, Court Administrator

Patricia Lopez, Court Reporter

Rick Smith, Bailiff



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Do not attempt to contact a judge - by mail, e-mail, phone, or in person - about any pending or potential lawsuit!
Doing so may result in serious consequences.

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