Tax Assessor / Collector

Duties of the Tax Assessor/Collector

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Whether you are one of the hundreds of thousands vehicle owners in Denton County or a property or business owner, you have dealings with the Tax Office. The 61 staff members of the Tax Office look forward to assisting you.

Denton County has a population of over 600,000. There are over 500,000 vehicles registered in the County and the Tax Office collects tax on over 400,000 property parcels.

The Tax Office staff has committed to provide you with efficient, friendly customer service through the use of available technology and a friendly staff. As a local government agency we hold ourselves accountable to those who have dealings with the Tax Office.

Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration:

Partnerships have been formed with Tom Thumb stores and AAA Texas to assist with on-time vehicle registration renewals. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) maintains on-line registration renewal services. Additionally, several new car dealerships have contracted with the Tax Office to allow new vehicle titling and registrations at their dealership locations. The five Tax Office locations within the County process all types of vehicle titling registrations.

Property Tax:

Through cooperation agreements with the municipalities, school districts and with most special districts within the County, the Tax Office consolidates the collection of property taxes. Most property owners in the County receive just one tax statement for all property taxes and can make a single payment for all taxes each year. Property tax statements are mailed in October and individual property tax account information is posted on the Tax Office website, searchable by owner, address or account number. Taxes may be paid on-line using American Express, Discover, Visa or Master Card debit/credit cards. Additionally property tax may be paid by e-check from the Tax Office website. Taxes are also payable by phone. Property taxes on used Manufactured Housing units that are sold must be paid in advance based on estimated value and tax rates.

Business Taxes and Fees:

Vehicle Inventory Tax-

Sellers of motor vehicles, motor cycles, cars, motor homes or 18-wheelers pay inventory tax on each vehicle sold. The dealership must file a monthly report with their taxes for the past month's sales.

Alcoholic Beverage Fees-

Business engaged in or planning to engage in the sale of beer, wine or liquor must secure certain permits and licenses from Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). The Tax Office processes some of the fees related to the permits and licenses for TABC.


Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)-

The Tax Office works with the TABC in reporting unpaid property tax to the Commission on properties where alcoholic beverages are sold. TABC pursues suspension of alcoholic beverage sales at locations with delinquent property taxes.


The Tax Office supports municipal courts by refusing registration renewals on vehicles for owners with outstanding traffic related citations. Citations should be addressed with the specific courts before seeking registration renewals.