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The Sheriff's Sale is conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at the 

Denton County Courts Building, 1450 East McKinney Street, in the City of Denton, Texas, at 10:00 AM  Denton County will sell said below described Real Estate at public venue to the highest bidder. All property going to the sheriff sale is published in the classified section of the Record Chronicle.

For further information please e-mail Matt Arnold

Sheriff Sale for the Month of
May 2017

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Resolution No. 2013-0927-362
Little Elm ISD-v-Helen M. Kelly
Castle Ridge Blk F Lot 18 (Imp Only) SN#1 1PTX6120ATX HUD# NTA0751493
Account No. 219877DEN

Opening Bid: $16,887.78

Order of Sale #14-08287-431
Denton ISD, City of Denton, Denton County-v-Leyva and One Main Financial
Eastridge Blk E Lot 20 20/186E///AB1442

Account #28989DEN
Opening Bid: $41,194.11

Order of Sale #14-07984-362
Lake Dallas ISD, City of Lake Dallas, Denton County-v-Geisinger; Miwa
A0924A MEP & TR43, .325 Acres, Old DCAD TR #8G

Account #462000DEN
Opening Bid: $15,194.92

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