Warrants, Extradition & Civil Unit

Denton County Courthouse DeputiesDenton County Courthouse Deputies

                The  Warrants Unit receives all misdemeanors (Class B and above) and felony warrants that come through the Denton County District Attorney’s Office as well as other law enforcement agencies. The deputies assigned to the Warrants Unit are responsible for locating and apprehending those persons that are subjects of the warrants received by the unit. This unit works closely with the United States Marshal Service and the Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force in efforts to locate and apprehend the most violent wanted felons in and around Denton County.

The Extradition Unit is responsible for those offenders who have absconded. The main duty of this unit is to help coordinate between law enforcement agencies, the apprehension and return of wanted individuals. This requires that these deputies travel all over the State of Texas as well as the United States. The deputies work hand and hand with other agencies and the court’s in an effort to bring criminals back to Texas as well as deliver them to the court of jurisdiction and other state law enforcement agencies.

             The Civil Unit is responsible for any new civil or criminal process that comes to the Sheriff’s Office.  This unit largely consists of civilian Warrant Research Specialist that verifies and files warrants and process as they are received by the sheriff’s office. The Research Specialists update our in house computer system, and place the warrants on the in-state or out of state computer systems as appropriate. The Research Specialists also put together warrant packets for the warrant deputies so they can begin their investigations. The packet consists of a copy of the warrant(s), photos and any known information on the wanted subject. This unit is also responsible Sheriff’s Sale that is held on the first Tuesday of every month. Prior to the Sheriff’s Sale there are notices that must be published or posted. The published notices are taken to the local paper where they are published in the paper for a prescribed amount of time. Posted notices are posted at the courthouse for the prescribed amount of time and then returned to the court. More information about the Sheriff’s Sale can be found here: