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The Denton County Sheriff’s Office Patrol division has the responsibility of providing visible patrol for approximately 958 square miles of Denton County. Patrol Deputies respond to calls for service 24 hours a day every day. The Patrol Division has 53 members, including a command staff consisting of a Division Captain and two Lieutenants (Shift Commanders). Each Patrol shift includes the appropriate number of Deputies to cover such a large geographic area, and includes a Sergeant and a Corporal assigned to each shift as Supervisors.

Additionally, as the needs of a fast growing county have changed, so has the manner in which the Patrol Division provides the best possible service to citizens of Denton County. Currently, there are five SRO (School Resource Officers) assigned to two different school districts in Denton County. These dedicated Deputies provide a valuable resource to the staff as well as a positive role model to students of the campuses they are assigned.

Also within the Patrol Division is a dedicated Traffic Unit. A Sergeant is assigned to the Unit to coordinate the assignments of the Unit’s Deputies. The Traffic Unit works closely with other law enforcement agencies throughout Denton County. The Unit also conducts a yearly Commercial Vehicle Training Course for other agencies who send personnel to Denton County to attend the week long training. Traffic Unit Deputies received a state of the art computer based digital mapping system that allows them to re-create a severe traffic accident. This system also assists the Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Technicians in re-creating and accurately mapping a crime scene; allowing for 3D imaging as well.

Another unit within the Patrol Division is the Special Enforcement Unit (SEU). Also supervised by a Sergeant, this Unit has the responsibility of providing visible patrol on both Lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Roberts in Denton County. This Unit uses two marked patrol boats and two jet skis to respond to emergencies and assist boaters as well as to remind all lake users to “have fun but be safe”. The Unit works very closely with all agencies who are assigned to the lakes.


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Finally, the Patrol Division also has an Animal Control Unit. Denton County is unique in that there are still large rural areas that are meeting large densely populated housing developments. This provides our ACO Unit with an ever changing work load. The Unit is unique in that all personnel are certified peace officers. When they encounter a criminal case involving domestic or wild animals, they can (and do) investigate, prepare case reports, gather all evidence and file those cases with the District Attorney’s Office. The Unit’s workload varies from routine wild animals that may have gotten into someone’s backyard, to large abuse cases involving the seizure of livestock.


As Denton County continues to grow, so have the Patrol Divisions’ calls for service (CFS). On average, they have experienced a 50% increase per year for CFS. Below is a chart from the calendar years 2013 through 2015.

Calls for Service

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