Inmate Phones

Inmates have some access to telephones while incarcerated. These calls may be funded in various ways.

  • Inmate family and friends may also fund the Inmate's phone account through
  • Traditional Collect
  • Advance Connect
  • Direct Bill

Inmates can now receive Voice Mails from their Friends and Family.

Download Brochure for more Information. Inmate Voice Mail     


To ensure their phone calls are not recorded, attorneys will need to complete the following steps:

  • Report, in person, to the Denton County Sheriff’s Office Main Front Desk and complete the provided ATTORNEY PHONE REGISTRATION form (See PDF Below) requesting that certain designated phone numbers be blocked from recording.
  • Present proper identification and bar card to the front desk officer on duty, along with the completed form.
  • The front desk officer will record and copy the identifying information and forward the request to the Detention Administrative Captain.

To add a new telephone number, you will need to follow the same steps initially required to place numbers on the blocked list. Please provide all numbers used by you or your law office to speak with clients, and no others.

If an attorney receives a call from a client in the jail and a message is heard indicating that the call will be recorded, then the call will be recorded if accepted by the attorney.

The acceptance of calls from clients in the jail after hearing the message that the phone call will be recorded constitutes consent to the recording, and will result in such calls being recorded.


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