Jail Administration

Jail Administrator

The Jail Administrator (Assistant Chief Deputy) supervises the operation of a 1400-bed jail consisting of a linear-style jail, a direct supervision podular jail and a pre-trial facility. He establishes operating policies, procedures, and regulations to ensure efficient operation of the facility, safety of staff, and proper care of inmates, who are assigned to the units based upon their age, offense and prior criminal history.


JailThe Detention Division employs more than 365, or about two-thirds, of the Sheriff’s Office employees. The division currently has four Captains whose duties include implementing jail policy over their respective sections: the linear jail, the direct-supervision jail, the pre-trial facility, and the support section of the jail, which includes the book-in, property, classification, transport, bonds, records and front desk operations. There are seven Lieutenants, whose duties include direct implementation and supervision of those policies: one for the linear jail, one for the direct supervision jail, one for the pre-trial facility, and one each for support, transport, training, and internal affairs. In addition, 20 Sergeants and 37 Corporals supervise three shifts of a total of 277 Detention Officers.

Denton County Jail Mission Statement

Whereas, the Sheriff of Denton County is responsible for the safe operation and security of the Denton County Jail, and whereas, the Denton County Jail staff is committed to the preservation of the basic human rights and dignity of the inmate population, as prescribed by the Constitution of the Unites States and the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. Be it known, that the staff of the Denton County Jail will ensure a high standard of safety and security for the community, detention officers, and inmates. The staff of the Denton County Jail will maintain programs, available to every inmate that will encourage and foster self-respect and dignity. Every measure will be undertaken to ensure each inmate of the Denton County Detention receives fair and humane care in a safe environment.


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