Community and Media Relations     



The Community and Media Relations Department is made up of the Public Information Officer (PIO) and community and media relations personnel whose primary function is to disseminate information and act as the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the public, which includes media and other agencies.

The PIO manages the personnel who are presenting information on behalf of the Sheriff's Office to be sure that the message is clear and consistent with policy guidelines. The PIO also works with a paralegal who handles open records requests, to ensure proper dissemination.

The PIO  and Media Relations personnel  also work with other agencies, such as the Constables, Emergency Services, the Fire Marshal, CARE Flight, the Medical Examiner, Parks and Wildlife, and the Emergency Operations Center, as well as non-profits seeking assistance in getting their message out to the public through the media.

Community Relations personnel provide services related to the Crime Stoppers, and Impact programs. In addition, Community and Media Relations personnel participate in Crime Prevention Awareness events and activities.


Orlando “Hino” Hinojosa


Community & Media Relations

Denton County Sheriff’s Office

127 N. Woodrow Lane

Denton, TX 76205

(940) 349-1515

Requests should be either e-mailed; mailed or hand-delivered to the Denton County Sheriff's Office, 127 N. Woodrow., Denton, Texas; or faxed to (940) 349-2392.  


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