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1-L Dictionary-General Library Research Guides

Harvard Law School provides these guides to general library research, research guides for summer associates, guides to selected e-resources, United States law research guides, and International, Foreign and Comparative law research guides. attempt provides resources compiled by legal topic and jurisdiction. In addition to providing brief annotations for topical sources, it enables searching select external resources.

ALSO-American Law Sources Online

The ALSO Federal Government page provides a search engine for all of the Court of Appeals decisions and Bankruptcy Appellate Panel decisions. Searches can be conducted for one or all of the court databases.

American Legal Publishing Online Library 

American Legal Publishing provides access to codes of ordinances for various cities and towns. The last ordinance for each municipal code is highlighted. Users can choose between framed and unframed versions, and are also able to browse or search the individual codes

Attorney Find - The World Wide Web Attorney Locator

This site allows users to search for lawyers and law firms by category of law or specific state.

Attorney Finder

Attorney Finder helps users to locate lawyers nationwide.  The directory is organized by geographic and practice area.


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Basic Legal Citation 

This site includes access to executive orders, proclamations and in-state citations for Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas.

Bernstein's Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terminology 

This is a dictionary that defines the most common terms associated with bankruptcy.

The Blue Sheet

The Blue Sheet by Blue Sheet Publications, Inc., Texas, serves as a database containing jury verdicts, settlements, mediations and arbitrations for jurisdictions in Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

The Center for Public Integrity 

This nonprofit organization conducts investigative research and reports on public policy issues in the United States and around the world. It offers a number of useful resources, including a guide to filing Freedom of Information requests, a database of political committees, a database of information about prosecutor misconduct, and a database of outside interests reported by state legislators. There is also news and commentary on a variety of issues.

Contents Pages from Law Reviews and Scholarly Journals

This is a keyword-searchable database of tables of contents from more than 750 law reviews and other scholarly publications. This listing of journals is comprised of titles received by the Tarlton Law Library for the previous three months.

Cornell Legal Research

This site is created by the law librarians at the Cornell Law Library. It is a compilation of United States and International legal resources in various formats.  It is topical and jurisdictional with citations to research tools and direct links. 

C-Span Congressional Glossary 

This glossary of congressional terms was created by C-Span.  By clicking on a term the user will be able to see the term's definition as well as whether it is used in the House, the Senate, or both.

DivorceNet - Family Law Advisor

This is an annotated divorce law dictionary that offers a nationwide listing of divorce lawyers, state-specific divorce information and a family law library.


DocLaw (a component of Washlaw) is a gateway to Federal Government internet resources and other government related material.  It organizes documents by the following: Subject Index, Federal Agency Index, Federal Organizational Chart, Law Library's federal depository collection, and Document Displays Creative displays of government documents.


The Duhaime's Law Dictionary

This dictionary is written in plain language and is free.  Terms are accessed by clicking on the first letter of the term to be researched.


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General Code Publishers offers numerous municipal codes from cities and counties in the United States, most of which are in the northeastern part of the county.

Environmental Health Legislation Database 

The National Conference of State Legislatures offers this database for finding legislation and current law on environmental health issues from all 50 states. Coverage extends back to 2000 and topics include indoor air quality, pesticides, lead, asbestos and others. Users may search by keyword for information about the state, bill number, sponsor, status, date of last action and description.


Everybody's Legal Glossary

This glossary contains plain English definitions for hundreds of legal terms.


The Expert's Page

This page enables users to locate an expert witness or consultant.  This service links attorneys, law firms and legal professionals to thousands of expert witnesses.  The experts are searchable by subject area or name.

Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

This site provides access to court opinions, rules and forms, calendars and dispositions, and court information.

Federal Court Locator 

This tool maintained by Villanova assists researchers looking for the opinions of the various state courts. 

The Federal Judiciary Homepage

This site provides links to all circuit courts and other federal courts. It serves as a source of information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.


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Federal Register Index

The Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents. It is published by the Office of the Federal Register and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  It is updated daily by 6 a.m. and is published Monday through Friday, with the exception of Federal holidays. GPO Access contains Federal Register volumes from 1994 to the present. Documents are available in Summary, PDF, ASCII text, or HTML format. HTML documents are available from 2000 forward and provide hypertext links to Web sites mentioned in the document.


Federal Web Locator 

This site is compiled by the Center for Information Law and Policy.  It is a service that is intended to be an access point for federal government information on the World Wide Web.  It is a comprehensive list of inks to other federal agency information sources from Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy.

Federal Web Navigator

The Federal Web Navigator includes over 800 links to Federal government agencies.  Many of these links are annotated.   Descriptions were gathered from the United States Government Manual and mission statements on agency web pages. Searches may be conducted by Agency name, Agency abbreviation, or by conducting a search by subject.


FedWorld Information Network 

The web site is a gateway to government information. This site is managed by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and is designed to serve as the online locator service for a comprehensive inventory of information circulated by the Federal Government.


This site has access to thousands of legal sites, cases, forms, law reviews, law schools, bars and associations, etc. for the general public, students, legal professionals, businesses, and corporate counsels. It is  also the highest trafficked legal website. The site was started in 1996 by attorneys Timothy Stanley and Stacy Sten for a North California Law Librarians workshop.  It provides full-text library of caselaw, and a variety of communication forums.  Law Crawler ( is a feature that conducts legal web and database searches.

FindLaw Alphabetical List of Journals
FindLaw Dictionary
FindLaw Internet Legal Resources 
FindLaw List of Law Journals by Topic 

FirstGov is the official U.S. gateway to all government information.  Users may search millions of web pages from federal and state governments, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Most of which are not available on commercial websites. FirstGov has the most comprehensive search of government anywhere on the Internet.


Full-text State Statutes and Legislation on the Internet 

This guide points researchers to sources of full-text state laws and legislation on the Internet. It covers statutes, constitutions, session laws, legislation, and administrative regulations. It happens to include access to many non-authoritative sources.


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Georgetown University Law Center- Legal Explorer

The Legal Explorer offers a map of the states covered by each circuit.  Each of which is hypertext linked to each circuit court opinion site.


Glossary of Terms - Understanding the Federal Courts

This is a glossary of legal terms by the Judicial Branch of the US Government.


The Government Printing Office Site

GPO Access is a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to information products produced by the Federal Government. The information provided on this site is the official, published version and the information retrieved from GPO Access can be used without restriction, unless specifically noted.


Government Publications Library 

The Government Publications Library consists of over five million items including over 10,000 current serials. It collects publications from the United States government, state governments, foreign governments, and international governmental organizations.

GSU Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

This site contains searchable legal indexes.  It also offers links to judicial opinions, legislation, federal regulation and other resources.


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Health Promotion State Legislation and Statutes Database

The National Conference of State Legislatures provides this database for finding legislation and current law on health issues from all 50 states. The database covers newly introduced legislation and enacted laws during 2003. Topics include chronic disease, cigarette excise tax, food tax, nutrition, obesity, physical education, tobacco and more. Users can search by keyword or other criteria. The information provided includes the state, bill number, sponsor, status and description.

Hieros Gamos

This site contains information about thousands of legal organizations divided into several directories: bar associations, associated services, dispute resolution, legal associations, vendors, legal education, government sites, online services, publishers, law firms, and law sites.  The information in Hieros Gamos can be accessed by both search utilities and menus.

Internet Access to Rules

The Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR) Section of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) offers this chart of sources of state administrative rules. Both primary and secondary sources can be found on this site. 

ILRG (Internet Legal Research Group)

This site allows free access to more than 1750 legal forms that correspond with laws specific to each state. The site grants the user the ability to link to the 250 largest law firms in the United States. It is indexed according to topic: Legal Profession, Academia, Legal Research, and Attorney Referral Network.

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This sites provides links and annotations to sites about U.S. federal courts.

LawLink from the American Bar Association (ABA)

The ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. It strives to provide users with the knowledge and tools they need to expand their careers. The LawLink feature contains a collection of links to legal research starting points.  This feature is very selective, making web-based legal research more manageable.


LawMoose, by Pritchard Law Webs was designed for users seeking Minnesota or Wisconsin legal information  It provides built-in search functions that help users find information including judicial bios, statutes, legislation, company information and more. Beginning, as well as advanced, searchers will appreciate the simplicity of finding information at this site. Features include the ability to retrieve information about certain Minnesota companies with a single click, a searchable index of articles from Minnesota legal journals, single click access to law-related Web sites by legal topic, and more.

Law News

This site provides access to legal news and information.

Law on the Web

This page provides links to information on the United States law available on the Internet.  Guides to international, foreign and comparative law are also available. Directory from LexisNexis

This is the most trusted source for identifying lawyers. Lawyers can be searched by type, location, or firm name. Legal topics are also able to be researched by topic on this site. 

Legal Engine

"LegalEngine was developed as on online legal gateway that summarizes the most important state and federal law related links in a comprehensive and easy to navigate legal meta-search index.  LegalEngine's use is completely free to the public at large.  Users are able to search using various links such as: Courts and Caselaw links, Government, Legal Topics, Audio and Video Law, News Sources, Legal References, Cyberspace Resources, Law Student Resources, Online Forms, For the Public, Search Megapages, Attorney Resources, and LegalEngine Resources.


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Legal Information Institute

This is a comprehensive site that combines archives of full text legal material with a well organized directory of links to other legal resources.  It is well known for it US Supreme Court Decisions collection.  The archives in this collection date back to 1990 and may be searched by party name or topic.  The Legal Information Institute also features the US Code and US Constitution.  The full text of the Cornell Review and the Journal of Online Law are found here as well.  The organizational structure of the site makes locating online legal information easy.  The menu allows researchers to choose law about a topic, law produced by a particular jurisdiction or source, or laws of a certain type.  The site also includes a topical arrangement of state statutes. - Legal Communications, Ltd.

This search engine consists of over 20 portals that provide users with very specific search content and related resources, allowing visitors to utilize the Internet more effectively.

Lexis Nexis

LexisNexis provides authoritative legal news, public records, and business information.  This information consists of tax and regulatory publications in various formats.  This service provides access to more than three billion documents from a variety of sources.  It delivers high quality resources for the entire legal profession.


lexisONE offers free case law, legal forms, and a legal sites guide. Users are able to find selected federal and state cases covering the past five years, as well as a complete collection of U.S. Supreme Court opinions. Researchers may retrieve relevant decisions by citation or by keyword queries.  The site contains numerous free legal documents and forms, an expanded Internet Legal Guide, and access to Matthew Bender forms and Martindale-Hubbell Law Digest for a small fee. This site also includes articles on law technology, client development and practice management topics, legal news, information on lifestyle issues, and lexisONE Wireless for access to all Lexis products and services. LexisONE provides research for small firms, access to the service's bookstore and online publications, a web site directory, headline legal news, a professional development center, a lawyer locator, and more.  It is designed to meet the day-to-day practice needs solo and small-firm attorneys.

Library of Congress Guide to Law Online

This is an online guide to law from around the world.  It is annotated and explains the legal resources available on the Internet with hypertext links to those resources.  The very selective guides are divided into types of materials and their legal subject areas. 


This fee-based service offers various subscriptions at different prices that provide access to various combinations of libraries.  It provides access to over 10 million official law documents.  It publishes case law, statutory law, constitutions, administrative law, court rules, and other authority for all fifty states and several federal law libraries.

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Martindale Lawyer Locator 

The Lawyer Locator can be used to find a lawyer by name, location/area, practice, firm, corporations, agencies of the US government, or law school faculty.

Mayoral Election Results Database 

This site allows users to search or browse all 1999 and 2000 mayoral election results across the country.

Meta-Index for Legal Research

This meta-index gathers search utilities from various websites.  This enables users to process full text searches in a combination of online legal resources on those sites.  Case law, legislation, regulations, or other types of resources can also be searched.  The site also allows users to search US Supreme Court decisions at FindLaw, the Code of Federal Regulations at GPO Access, or the Congressional Record at the THOMAS site.

Municipal Code Corporation 

Municipal Code Corporation publishes codified ordinances for many local governments. Its web site offers free access to Folio Infobases for more than 100 municipalities in the United States.

Municipal Codes 

The Seattle Public Library offers this site as a finding aid for locating municipal codes. It provides individual links to codes that are not published by one of the five major publishers: American Legal Publishing, Book Publishing Company or LexisNexis Municipal Codes, General Code Publishers, Municipal Code Corporation, or Sterling Codifiers.

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National Association of Counties

The National Association of Counties (NACO) is a national organization that represents county governments in the United States, as well as offers resources for NACO members and the public on its Web site. Users can find topical legislative bulletins and fact sheets, articles, testimony, research reports and more. Special features include the NACO Code of Ethics for County Officials, a subject index to sample county codes and ordinances and county profiles that include the names and email addresses of elected officials.


RegScan supplies the most current Internet updating service available, covering federal, state, and international regulations. Their data features and exclusive search and retrieval software add value to this service.

Richmond Journal of Law and Technology

The Richmond Journal of Law and Technology was the first law review to ever be published exclusively online. The Journal focuses on the impact that computer-related and other emerging technologies have on the law. The Journal is published entirely by students of the University of Richmond School of Law.

Spam Laws 

David E. Sorkin, a professor from John Marshall Law School, created this site to offer easy access to U.S. federal and state, and European Union and other country, laws regarding mass email. The site covers both enacted laws and proposed legislation.


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State Alcohol Law 

The University of Minnesota's Alcohol Epidemiology Program provides this database of state alcohol legislation enacted since 1997.  Summaries of legislation, as well as the full-text of enacted versions, are found here.  This is not a state laws database. Content provided comes from StateNet, a well-known provider of state legislative information, and consists of the text of the law as enacted. A current reading of the law would encompass reviewing all enacted versions, including those passed prior to 1997. This is, however, a useful resource for comparing state legislation or initiating a review of a state law's legislative history.  Also available at this site is commentary pertaining to policies that restrict youth access to alcohol, model alcohol control ordinances, an overview of state alcohol policies, an alcohol compliance check procedures manual, and a detailed research guide on finding information pertaining to alcohol law.

State and Local Governments 

This site has links to information about state and local governments in general, as well as individual states.

State and Local Government on the Net 
This Piper Resources guide can be used to find state and local sources of government information.

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, 5th Edition

This State and Metropolitan Area Data Book is compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.  It contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States at the State and metropolitan area levels. Selected data for component counties and central cities of metropolitan areas are also included. The Data Book is also a Guide to Sources of other data from the Census Bureau, other Federal Agencies, and private organizations.

State Legislative Presence on the Internet 

MultiState Associates Inc. provides this chart of government-sponsored Web sites offering legislative information.  Users can find a link to the state legislative site as well as information about the availability of full text bills, status information, and site functionality. is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts.  It provides news and commentary about a variety of state issues, such as crime, business, education, environment, health care, social policy, taxes, technology, transportation and security. The "issues" section is ocmprised of brief summaries of current news items with links to their original sources. Users may browse this section by topic or state.  The "commentary" section contains longer articles written by professional news reporters. At this site, users will also find all of the nation's governors' state of the state addresses from 2000 to present.

State Resources Index 

This site allows users to search state government sites with FindLaw's LawCrawler interface, which links directly to official state government Web pages.


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The Texas

This site, powered by Casemaker, provides statutes, session laws, Texas rules, the Texas constitution, 75 years of Texas cases, and Fifth Circuit cases to 1995.  The site is fully searchable by keyword or citations.  "Case check" lists all Texas cases citing the user's specific case.  The browse feature shows titles of various codes available in Casemaker libraries.  The thesaurus allows users to search synonyms of originally used search terms.  Advanced search options include case sorting, which sorts results according to relevancy ranking or date in ascending or descending order; and case alerts, which mean that whenever a case is related to or matches pre-selected preferences, it appears on the page. 


Texas Legal Research Index

This site is organized alphabetically by section. Through it, site users are able to access Agency and Legislature Information, Codes, Statistics and Legislation, Legal Aids, a Legal Research Aid, and Business Information.


Texas Legal Services Center

This site contains links to legal forms, Texas research for Legislature, Statutes, Administrative Code, all
government departments, and courts for all jurisdictions in the state.

Texas State Government

This site is intended to serve as the official compilation of Texas government electronic resources, both at the state and local levels, and as an index of Texas governmental or taxing authority web sites and services. The site is organized by subject to provide a collection of links and portals to allow citizens, visitors, businesses, state government, and others to quickly and efficiently locate appropriate resources.


This site offers the following databases: House Floor this Week, House Floor Now, Quick Search of Text Bills, Bill Summary and Status, Public Laws by Number, Votes, The Congressional Record, and Committee Information.  The bill text files are updated several times a day.  The Congressional Record files are received once a day, when Congress is in session, usually in the morning. Committee reports arrive intermittently, after they are published by GPO, and are indexed when they arrive.


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Uncle Sam - Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications 

This is a guide for citing government publications from the University of Michigan that is separated into sub-categories.

University Law Review Project

This site allows users to conduct full text searches of online law journals.  Journals are categorized by topic.

This is a fee-based legal research service offering federal and state court opinions.  It also contains free links to Internet sources.

-Washburn University School of Law

WashLawWeb provides users with links to all known law-related materials on the Internet. This site is comprehensive and well-organized.  The information is arranged alphabetically, by subject, and by geographic location. Information is added on a daily basis. Washburn also hosts a large number of law-related discussion groups. Members of a discussion group have the ability to access the archives of those discussion groups.

Attorney Locator

Attorney Locator is a comprehensive listing of attorneys.  This service has been assisting individuals and businesses in need of legal assistance by providing the names and profiles of attorneys to handle their legal issue for more than five years. Users may locate an attorney by clicking on a state on the map.


Westlaw is West's online legal research service. It provides quick, easy access to West's collection of statutes, case law materials, public records, and other legal resources, along with current news articles and business information.

World Wide Web Virtual Library

This site offers links to online legal resources through a series of categories.  The categories are split into the major divisions of "Legal Information by Information Type" and "Search Tools."  The site also offers links to legal resources in certain subject areas.


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