Office of History and Culture


Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum:

Built in 1896, this structure is one of Denton County’s most celebrated and iconic artifacts. It is the centerpiece of the downtown square. The building was restored in 2004 using the original blueprints of architect W.C. Dodson. It is constructed of limestone from Denton, pink granite from the Austin area, red sandstone from the Pecos region, and tan sandstone from Mineral Wells.

Today the courthouse serves as a reminder of Denton County’s history. It is home to the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum as well as John B. Denton’s grave. Lectures, exhibits, and community organized events are scheduled throughout the year keeping this local gem an active site for experiencing the past.       

     Historical Park:

Owned by the citizens of Denton County, the Historical Park is programmed by the Denton County Historical Commission as a hub for residents and visitors to grow and learn together. It is located on Mulberry Street just south of Denton’s Historic Square, a short walk from the 1896 Courthouse-on-the-Square.

The park is home to the Bayless-Selby House museum and the Quakertown House museum as well as our Welcome Center which is also a historic Denton structure. The park has plenty of open space and regularly hosts community events such as the Farmers’ Market, the Community Market, live music, storytelling and more. Come visit a little piece of Denton County’s past right here in the present.