Emergency Services / Fire Marshal

Construction and Operational Permit Application Requirements

General Requirements

IMPORTANT: Application for site development and new structures will not be accepted without a copy of a current Development Permit for the site, with a 9-1-1 address, issued by Denton County Public Works. For additional information about Development Permits go to http://dentoncounty.com/Departments/Public-Works-Planning.aspx Or contact Denton County Planning Department, 1505 East McKinney Street, Suite 175, Denton, Texas, 76209-4525, phone (940) 349-2990.

All plans review may take up to ten working days.

The Permit Application must be completed, signed and dated by the submitting individual. (Only completed and signed applications will be processed)

Upon completion of the plans review the individual on the application will be contacted.

A minimum of three sets of drawings are to be submitted (One will be kept by reviewer).

Plans to be either blue or black line drawings, clear and legible.

The plans are to be prepared by a registered design professional.

Provide list of contractors with a copy of their licenses.

Provide list of sub-contractors with a copy of their licenses.

Projects may proceed above grade level when all fires lanes and required fire protection lines have been reviewed and released by the Fire Marshal Office.

A separate permit is required for all temporary construction trailers.

Payments for Plans Review will be due upon submission of Plans Sets and the Application for Permit.

Check are to be made payable to “Denton County”.

There are additional requirements for specific types of permits. Refer to each section below for more information.

The Permit Fee Schedule will have the fee amount for each listed Construction or Operational Permit.


For the list of required permits Construction Permits List 

The Application for Construction Permit  is a multi use form. The information area for the Project Name and Submitting Company Name should be filled out completely. The following areas should be completed only for the set and/or type of plans that are to be submitted for review. (*) are required areas to be checked.

Permit Information. should have at least one box checked (all may apply in some cases). This area is for Site & Building Plans.

Plans Type. Check only the boxes that apply to set of plans that are to be submitted. This area will apply to Fire Systems Plans submittals.

*Construction Method. Only one box should be checked.

*Occupancy Type. Check the box that identifies the occupancy type for the project.

*Construction Type. Check the box that identifies the construction type of the structure.

Special Features. Check any box that applies to the project that may need additional review of plans or documentation.


Plans shall include interior walls and rooms, with the use of all rooms identified on plan.

All submittals shall include a site plan. (Three copies)

Site plan shall include building orientation.

Construction documents for proposed fire apparatus access, location of fire lanes, types of construction, fire-resistance rated construction, location of fire hydrants, fire protection systems, hydraulic calculations for fire hydrant systems and fire protection systems, fire hazards and means of egress shall be submitted for review and approval.

Inquiries should be made for any additional requirements to the following processes involved in the construction project:

Flammable & Combustible Liquids Storage and Usage

Hazardous Materials

LP-Gas Storage and Usage

Spraying or Dipping


Fire Alarm Systems

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fixed Extinguishing Systems

Standpipe Systems

Private Fire Hydrant Systems

Only one set of specification/submittal book for fire alarm systems calculations and equipment specifications is required.

Only one set of specification/submittal book for fire suppression systems hydraulic calculations and equipment specifications is required.

Type of construction and occupancy classification shall be indicated.

All submissions shall be signed by a certified design professional.


There is a specific Construction Application for Oil Gas Well Drilling Permit   with specific requirements related to the industry.

Required Documentation

Oil/Gas Well Development Plat and/or Survey

A copy of the Texas Railroad Commission Permit (or current application to RRC)

Approved Insurance and Security Documentation

A copy of the Hazardous Materials Management Plan

A copy of the Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement

A copy of the Emergency Response Plan

Provide a copy of the site plan showing proposed tank battery and above ground pipes

Make separate Application for an Above Ground Storage Tank (Associated product collection and/or Tank Batteries) under an Operational Permit .


Check List for any required Operational Permits that may apply to your project.

Operational Permits List 

The Permit Fee Schedule  will have the fee amount for each listed process.

Open Burning has a specific Application for Permit. See Application for Open Burning Permit  and Open Burning Regulations Frequently Ask Questions  may assist with general questions about open burning in the un-incorporated county.

Retail Sales of Fireworks must file an Application for Operational Permit  for use of a Temporary Structure for each “Stand” during the two fireworks sales seasons.

See Permit Fee Schedule  section for fireworks stands and fireworks displays.


Inspection Phases

Fire Lanes and Emergency Access

Framing/Brick, Rough-in

Sheetrock inspection (Fire Walls Only)

Fire Prevention Systems
Visual/Hydro acceptance testing
Fire Alarm acceptance testing
Fixed Extinguishing System acceptance testing
Underground Fire Systems Visual/Hydro, witness Flush of System prior to Riser connection.

Fire Prevention Final Walk-through, Building Fire Final for Certificate of Occupancy

A request for inspection can be called in for scheduling an appointment or a fax can be sent. If faxing in a request please use the Request for Inspections . Please allow 48 hour for request prior to date of inspection. Scheduling of appointment will have to be approved and verified.