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Texas VINE  (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)

Texas VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday), a free, anonymous, computer-based telephone service (877) 894-8463 that provides victims of crime with information and notification concerning the custody and court status of offenders, now covers Denton County! Please check the Denton County VINE Homepage for more information.

(Provided as a service by the Denton County Criminal District Attorney, the Denton County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the VINE Company.)

Crime Victims in Texas Have a Right to:

  • Be protected from further harm or threats for cooperating with prosecution efforts
  • Have the victim's safety considered in the setting of bail
  • Information about relevant court proceedings
  • Information about a defendant's right to bail and the procedures in a criminal investigation and in the criminal justice system
  • Provide pertinent information on the impact of the offense to be considered at the time of sentencing and parole
  • Information about the Crime Victims' Compensation Program
  • Information about parole procedures and to be notified upon the release of the defendant
  • Be provided with a separate and secure waiting area for witnesses at a trial
  • Prompt return of property held as evidence when it is no longer required
  • Have employer notified if testimony requires absence from work
  • Have counseling regarding acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS/HIV) if the offense creates the need
  • Be present at all court proceedings related to the offense, subject to judge's approval
  • Information and an explanation of these rights

Victim Assistance Division

The Victim Assistance Division serves as a liaison between the victims of violent crime and the criminal justice system. It is important to this Office that the victims know and understand how the court system functions. We have four staff members that ensure that we comply with the State mandates in the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights and that each victim of a violent crime has the opportunity to have input into the ultimate decision of how the offender is prosecuted and punished. In April our victim services will expand to include an automated information line through the VINE system and a grant from the Governor's Office.

Personnel and e-mail links, where applicable.
(Dial (940) 349-2600 for all personnel listed.)

Veronica Brunner, Director of Victim Services
Amber Dunn, Victim Assistance - Felony
Beverly Bailey, Child Victim Intervention Specialist
Amanda Mention, Family Violence Intervention Specialist
Donna Foster, Victim Intervention Specialist
Raquel Scott, Victim Assistance - Juvenile

Victims Assistance Information Links

Victim Information and Notification Everyday
(Denton County)
Victim's Compensation Information
(State of Texas)
The National Center For Victims Of Crime
Federal Victims of Crime Act
US Dept of Justice Violence Against Women Page
Parents of Murdered Children
National Organization of Victim Assistance

The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
(NOTE: This out-of-state resource is presented because it contains an enormous number of well organized links to Domestic Violence information, statistics, and national resources. It should be noted that information on that site which is specific to New Mexico may or may not have applicability in Texas.)

MADD Local Region Information

Other Useful Resources / Contacts

National Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-SAFE
Protective Orders (Denton County DA)
(940) 349-2600
Family Violence Shelter & Services (Friends of the Family)
(800) 572-4031
Community Resources & Information Helpline (United Way)
(940) 566-2688
AFDC, Food Stamps (TDHS)
(940) 320-5700
Child or Elder Abuse Hotline (TDPRS)
(800) 252-5400
Mental Health/Mental Retardation Hotline (Denton County)
(800) 762-0157
24 Hr. Victim Notification Line (TDCJ)
(800) 848-4284
Crime Victim's Compensation
(800) 983-9933
Victim Notification (Texas Board of Pardons & Parole)
(800) 848-4284
Denton Regional Medical Center
(940) 384-3535
Denton County Parole
(940) 566-1116
Denton County Probation
Legal Hotline
(800) 777-FAIR
Trinity Medical Center
(972) 492-1010
Family Violence Legal Advice Line
(800) 374-HOPE
Victim Assistance Program (Denton DA)
(940) 349-2600
Child Advocacy Center of Denton County
(972) 317-2818
CASA (County Appointed Special Advocate)
(940) 243-2272
Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
(888) 529-5277
Denton County VINE
(877) 894-8463

North Texas Region, MADD
North Texas Region
120 S. Central Expressway  #108
McKinney, TX 75070
(866) 399-6233
Victim Services
  • Crisis Counseling & Support Group Program
  • Legal Advocacy Program
  • Court Monitoring and Accompaniment Program
  • Victim Rights & Drunk Driving Laws & Child Endangerment
  • Literature on coping
  • Speaker's Bureau
Education & Public Awareness
  • Speaker's Bureau
  • Information & Statistics & Literature
  • Red Ribbon Campaign & MADDer Hell Bike Rally

Drinking and Driving is a Crime and a Choice.

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